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Dog Bites

Americans love dogs. There are more than 70 million dogs in the country. Most are kind, loving animals but there are some dogs that cause serious injuries to people and children are especially vulnerable. When this occurs, dog owners can be held accountable for their actions.

Typically dog bites are covered under homeowners insurance, but dog attacks can occur in a variety of different locations. Sometimes, even police dogs get the wrong suspect and cause serious injuries to the attacked victim.

Serious Injuries

Dog bites
A dog attack can affect a victim on may different levels: physically, emotionally, and financially. Permanent scars, nerve damage, tendon damage, and virulent infection can all result from a dog bite. Even death can occur. In addition the physical pain of an attack, dog bites are traumatic events, especially for children and can have a deeply negative long term affect upon them.

Our lawyers fight for the full range of damages for dog bite victims. This includes payment for medical bills, future medical needs, lost wages, and compensatory damages for the pain and suffering of the attack. We seek the fair, rightful compensation our clients are entitled to under the law.

Trust Our Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers

The dog bite attorneys at Bishop Legal have experience handling complex, high damage cases. We represent dog bite victims and have helped them get the justice they deserve for serious injuries resulting from an attack. Our lawyers have a proven track record of results, having recovered several multi-million dollar settlements for clients.

Our lawyers do not back down from powerful insurance companies or government agencies. We have successfully litigated cases all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Each year, children are tragically killed as the result of vicious dog attacks. In this most unfortunate event, our lawyers represent the deceased’s family members in a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the wrongdoers accountable. Sometimes cities and other government agencies are responsible for failing to adequately protect the public from dangerous dogs.

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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured by a dog bite in Washington state, please contact us. We are experienced dog bite lawyers and offer free legal help only charging a fee if we make a recovery in the case. Our caring, dedicated lawyers will work hard to get you the justice you deserve.

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