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Washington State Truck Accident Lawyers

Large trucks present a serious danger to drivers – they are the largest vehicles on the road. With their large size, length, and weight, a collision with a semi-truck typically causes large amounts of damage and can result in serious injuries.

Drivers must use extra caution when driving around semi-trucks. With their size, these trucks take wide turns and may tip over or jackknife. Drivers should be especially careful driving around semis when it is rainy, icy, or snowing as drivers can lose control in an instant of a vehicle weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Truck drivers also seem to drive above the speed limit too often as they look to deliver their products quickly.

Seattle-Tacoma Truck Accident Lawyers Fighting For You

The attorneys at Bishop Legal represents drivers and passengers with claims against semi-truck companies and their insurers when accidents occur in Washington State. Our firm has handled these types of cases for more than 15 years and know what is required to get the maximum financial recovery for a client.

Following a truck accident, victims can endure both massive physical and financial hardship. While no one can undo the damage caused by a serious accident, our attorneys can fight for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, future medical needs, future financial needs, the pain and suffering caused by the truck collision, or funeral expenses in the event of a wrongful death.

Compassionate Truck Lawyers On Your Side

Trucking companies and their insurers know that their vehicles cause a lot of damage and they can be financially responsible. Therefore, they spend a lot of money hiring experienced truck defense attorneys to defend cases and deny responsibility.

Our lawyers thoroughly investigate client cases and gets the documentation necessary to prove negligence and damages. We know personal injury and Washington truck regulation laws and regulations and know what it takes to win the case.

The attorneys at Bishop Legal provide compassionate, caring counsel for seriously injured truck accident victims. We also help families in the tragic event of a wrongful death caused by a truck accident. The months after the accident can be a very difficult time for clients and their families. We help you through the process and will fight for you in court when truck companies try to pay less than the case is worth.

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Our law offices offers a free consultation to discuss truck accident cases. If we do not win money for the case, we do not charge a fee. You can trust in our lawyers for effective, caring, and personal representation for your truck injury case. Please contact us.

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