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Verdicts & Settlements

At Bishop Legal, we are committed to helping the clients who need legal representation the most – the seriously injured.  These are examples from specific cases handled by Bishop Legal. They do not indicate the likelihood of any outcome in your own case. Each case is unique, and you should consult with an attorney to get a better sense of the value of your own case.

$40,000,000 -

Jury Verdict against the Port of Seattle (Sea-Tac airport) for our client. Client was a ground crew member who was severely injured at the airport while operaating a tug. Tragically, this life-changing collision left him triplegic. The brakes and steering on his tug fail causing him to crash into another piece of broken equipment on the tarmac. The resulting collision crushed his spine. SeaTac airport argued that it did not have a duty to ensure that the equipment used at the airport was safe. Unfortunately, first court to listen to the issue agreed with SeaTac, and dismissed our client’s case. We appealed for our client, and his case wound its way up to the Washington State Supreme Court. The state Supreme Court decided that our client should have been given his right to a jury trial, and asked “if the Port of Seattle does not keep the airport safe for workers, who will?” The appellate process took seven long years. Unfortunately, the Port of Seattle continued to fight against our client even after the Supreme Court’s decision, and the case went back to Superior Court for a jury trial. After a five-week trial, a 12-person jury delivered a resounding $40,000,000.00 verdict against the Port of Seattle in favor of our client.

$135,000 - Combined recovery for motor vehicle accident victim who sustained a herniated disc in her lower back.

$100,000 - Settlement for auto accident victim with a fractured patella.

$240,000 - Verdict against Centex Homes for a drywall worker who fell 3 feet and shattered his leg. Centex offered the worker nothing before trial. The worker was not supplied with safety equipment or proper scaffolding and was unable to work for 6 months.

$250,000 - Settlement for a child who suffered head injuries in an auto accident.

$300,000 - Settlement for seriously injured auto accident client who suffered mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

$400,000 - Settlement for a client with serious construction fall injuries resulting in shattered ankle.

$450,000 - Settlement for a catastrophically injured construction laborer.

$480,000 - Settlement for a seriously injured bicyclist who was hit by a truck as he commuted to work.

$527,000 -

Verdict for client with an insurance bad faith claim against his own insurance companies: State Farm and Pemco

$800,000 -

Settlement for a steel worker injured on a government project (WSDOT) at the Totem Lake overpass. The steel worker caught his leg on a metal stud causing him to fall and suffer a fractured femur. The metal studs posed an unusually dangerous condition for workers who were required to repeatedly walk in between them in poorly lit conditions.

$1,000,000 - Settlement for a construction laborer. Our client was ordered to perform work on a wet and slippery roof without fall protection.  Our client fell more than 10 feet off the roof to the ground suffering severe, permanent, and disabling injuries.

$1,000,000 - Settlement for drywall installer who suffered serious foot injuries in a fall. Our client was a hard-working father of 6 who suffered catastrophic injuries in a construction fall of 16-feet due to faulty scaffolding.

$2,300,000 - Settlement for a construction worker who suffered a nail gun injury to the brain and fall injuries, requiring multiple highly-specialized neuro and orthopedic surgeries.

$3,100,000 - Settlement for client who suffered catastrophic injuries in a construction fall. Our client was a married father of two who fell 40 feet off a building due to faulty scaffolding.   The case settled for $3,100,000.

$6,000,000 - Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accident.

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