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Drug Recalls

When Washington State residents receive a prescription from their doctor, they expect the medication to be safe. They are relying on their doctors, drug manufacturers, and the government that the prescribed drug will help their medical condition, not hurt them.

Tragically, too often this is not the case. Thousands of Americans are seriously injured or even killed by defective prescribed drugs each year.

The Public Needs Protection

Some drug companies make billions of dollars in profits. Because drug companies are driven by financial gain, sometimes they release drugs to the market that have not been fully researched or the dangers of side effects are not entirely known.

The public cannot trust the government’s Food and Drug Administration to fully protect them from the harm of defective drugs. While they should not be used as test subjects, innocent Americans pay the price on a daily basis when drugs are harmful.

Fighting for the Rights of the Seriously Injured

At Bishop Legal, our serious injury attorneys fight for the rights of injured defective drug victims. Our knowledgeable defective drug lawyers take on the powerful interests, we do not back down. We pursue full financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, future needs, and pain and suffering when a defective drug harms our client. In the most tragic of cases, we represent the deceased’s estate in a wrongful death action.

Pharmaceutical companies pay many millions of dollars to lawyers and their own experts each year to defend their interests and preserve their profits. We do not make back down. We have successfully litigated client cases all the way to the Washington Supreme Court.

What Drugs Are Defective?

New defective drugs could emerge at any time but recently numerous prescription drugs have been found to cause serious harm to the public. For example, Merck’s defective drug Vioxx caused numerous people to suffer heart attacks and strokes as a result of taking this prescribed medication.

Another known prominent defective drugs include Paxil, which when taken during pregnancy can lead to serious birth defects for the newborn. Other known harmful drugs include: Fentanyl, Seroquel, Accutane, and Reglan.

What to Expect in a Defective Drug Case

Defective drug cases can be lengthy and difficult. Pharmaceutical companies often deny claims and throw enormous resources to fight them. Our law firm has the resources to fully pursue a defective drug claim and obtain the experts and documentation necessary to prove negligence and damage.

Washington residents should not fear these companies when serious damage has been caused to them as a result of a defective drug. We file lawsuit for our clients to seek financial recovery from defective drugs that have them serious suffering and harm.

A Proven Track Record of Results

In our more than 15 year of existence, our law firm has successfully achieved several multi-million dollar awards for our seriously injured clients. We are members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, which only a select group of lawyers can be members of.

Our law firm takes pride in our verdicts and settlements and we enjoy helping the victims who need help the most – the seriously injury.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as the result of a defective drug in Washington, please contact us. We offer free legal help and only charge a fee if we prevail in the case.

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